Protecting The Family Will: Defending Against Will Contestations 

Defending Against Will Contestations  It’s a topic many don’t relish discussing, yet it remains an essential part of safeguarding the wishes of a departed loved one. How do you ensure that the final wishes laid out in a family will are upheld, especially if contested? For those seeking guidance, engaging a family lawyer for will matters is […]

Is an Australian Will valid overseas? 

Will your Australian Will work overseas? Having a valid Australian Will is crucial if you possess assets in Australia, ensuring these assets are distributed to your spouse and loved ones in line with your preferences. However, suppose you are requested by your employer to relocate, for instance, to Paris for work. Would it be necessary to draft a valid […]

Parents making loans to children

Should I Gift or Loan money to my children? Understandably, the question of whether to gift or loan money to children often arises, especially when they are in the process of purchasing their first homes and are looking for financial support from their parents. It becomes crucial to consider various scenarios to better comprehend the […]

Inheritances and Impacts on Property Settlement

Will my inheritance be included in the property settlement? When you are separating, your assets and liabilities will be divided between the parties, referred to as a property settlement. If an inheritance is received by one of the parties, the way it is dealt with in a property settlement is dependent on the circumstances of […]