Comprehensive Guide To Child Support In Australia

Separation or divorce with a child always comes with a concern about child support and the struggle to find good lawyers for child support cases. Child support lawyers must consider multiple factors in Australia while working on child support cases. With this article, we, The Family Lawyer, are providing you with a concise guide to child support in Australia for further explanation.

Understanding Child Support In Australia

It is parents’ responsibility to provide for their children’s maintenance and education. This is often referred to as a maintenance obligation by child support lawyers, and child support is an application of this obligation.

The term ‘child support‘ usually refers to the financial contribution the non-custodial parent must make to the custodial parent if sole custody is awarded. The custodial parent should use the money the non-custodial parent gives only for the child’s education and maintenance. We will discuss the case of joint custody in detail below.

Who Has To Pay Child Support?

During separation or divorce, parents have to decide whether they want equal time, sole custody, or sole custody with substantial and significant time with the other parent. Based on this decision, child support lawyers guide them through the process.

An assessment is the most common type of support arrangement and involves DHS assessing the contributions to be made by both parties according to a set formula, which is set out in legislation.

The formula takes into account both parties’ income and the amount of time each party cares for the child and then calculates the amount each party owes to the other. DHS will then collect and distribute payments to the parties. Assessments are automatically reviewed and reassessed by DHS after a set period of time, not usually more than 15 months.

What Does Child Support Cover?

Child support usually covers nine essential needs for all children; these are:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Communications
  • Housekeeping
  • Personal Care
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Transportation
  • Leisure Activities

How Much Child Support Will I Pay?

Your family lawyer for child support can assist you to negotiate a private child support agreement with the other parent or guide you through the child support assessment process applied by the Government.

Child support payments are calculated using a basic formula set by Services Australia which is The following principles are involved in calculating child support:

  • The income of both parents;
  • The time a child or the children spend with both parents;
  • The number of children in the relationship; and
  • The age of the child.

The amount required to pay will vary and is adjusted as there are changes in individual circumstances, such as changes in taxable income.

Talk To The Family Lawyer For Advice

Going through a divorce with a child can be stressful and challenging, and financial uncertainty doesn’t make it any easier. With our help, you and your former partner can reach a fair agreement regarding child support. So don’t fret, contact the best child support lawyers in Melbourne – The Family Lawyer today. We provide you with all the assistance that can help you ease the process.


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