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Understanding Cryptocurrency in Family Law

Understanding Cryptocurrency in Family Law The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) mandates an equitable distribution of marital wealth following the termination of a marriage in Australia. This distribution

100 Points of ID Guide

What Are The 100 Points Of ID? The 100 points of ID system was introduced by the Australian Government to combat identity theft and fraud.

What are my Child Support Options?

Child support payments cover reasonable living expenses of a child. For example, food, housing and accommodation, clothing, school fees and medical expenses. Child support can

What is a Family Report?

Understanding Family Report in Australia A Family Report is a report prepared by a Family Consultant which can be court appointed or privately funded. Family

Contravention Of Parenting Orders

An order made by the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia is legally enforceable. Parties bound by the order must comply with the order

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