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About the Author: Kristdel Bolog

Kristdel practices solely in Family Law has been a Partner at The Family Lawyer since June 2019. Aside from her amazing ability to recite from memory the entire “Ode to Spot” by Commander Data, she has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience from a decade in the field of family law. Kristdel’s passion for the law and a love of helping people through difficult times enables her to put peoples minds at ease, even during complicated or bitter family court proceedings. As our resident “empath” she is The Family Lawyers’ Counsellor and is always there to listen to her colleagues or clients and bring a smile to their faces. Her nickname around the office is “the nerd”, a badge she wears proudly. Kristdel is hardworking, knowledgeable and dedicated to getting great outcomes for her clients. You can contact her at kbolog@thefamilylawyer.com.au or on 1300 111 835.

March 26, 2020


As COVID-19 continues to develop, we extend our thoughts to those affected by the virus, and our gratitude for the healthcare professionals and others who are helping our community through this difficult time.

Measures recommended by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments’ Health Departments have been adopted to ensure our clients and team should not be impacted.

The health and safety of our clients and team are paramount.

Apart from no face to face contact, we continue to operate as normal and although we have closed our offices, we will continue to provide the same great service you have expected from our team remotes, via phone, email and video conferencing.

The Family Courts have begun implementing hearings by video link. We have adapted to that and achieved good outcomes for clients already. If you are uncertain about whether you need to still attend court in person, please contact us and we can provide assistance.

All of our team have now trialled working from home, and we can report due to our up to date IT capability, which has worked well.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. Please be assured that we will keep you informed of any relevant changes or updates as necessary.

We thank you for your patience and wish you all well as we all navigate through this challenging time.

At The Family Lawyer we can help you in all aspects of family law matters. For a free 15 minutes consultation contact The Family Lawyer by calling (03) 8657 3751 or emailing enquiries@thefamilylawyer.com.au