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The Family Lawyer are expanding across the East Coast

About the Author: Kristdel Bolog

Kristdel practices solely in Family Law has been a Partner at The Family Lawyer since June 2019. Aside from her amazing ability to recite from memory the entire “Ode to Spot” by Commander Data, she has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience from a decade in the field of family law. Kristdel’s passion for the law and a love of helping people through difficult times enables her to put peoples minds at ease, even during complicated or bitter family court proceedings. As our resident “empath” she is The Family Lawyers’ Counsellor and is always there to listen to her colleagues or clients and bring a smile to their faces. Her nickname around the office is “the nerd”, a badge she wears proudly. Kristdel is hardworking, knowledgeable and dedicated to getting great outcomes for her clients. You can contact her at or on 1300 111 835.

February 15, 2022


The success and popularity of The Family Lawyer sees our services now available at our new Queensland Gold Coast law firm.

Family Law covers a wide array of legal needs and can be difficult to navigate alone, especially when facing a serious life transition. We know this from experience: professionally in the workplace, and personally in the home.

The best family lawyers are a port in the storm. People you can trust to work in your best interests. The Family Lawyer has been doing just that for clients across Victoria—and now, we’re helping families in Queensland.

Why choose us?

The Family Lawyer has a stellar reputation for offering outstanding Family Law expert services in Victoria, and now Queensland. We pride ourselves on offering caring, informed and cost-effective legal representation.

Specialist areas we focus on include:

Choosing one of our team means your case will be handled with the advantage of collective experience. We believe in the collaborative effort. Our commitment to providing your family with the best possible legal advice is absolute.

A focus on resolutions

Being upfront with you, and providing realistic expectations, is what we do best. Our lawyers will always fight for your interests, and work hard to secure the desired outcomes. Clever and innovative, we create strategies you need.

Amicable settlements are best, and we strive to achieve them. If facing a difficult scenario that leads to court, know you have an experienced team on your side, ready and willing to provide truly excellent representation.

These are exciting times for The Family Lawyer, with recent expansion extending our reach along the East Coast. Now, families not only in Victoria but also in Queensland have access to our talented team of Family Law experts.

Our new office in Broadbeach means those searching for a Family Lawyer in the Gold Coast can source exceptional, compassionate Family Law advice. We look forward to helping Queenslanders address their legal needs.

Our growing team

Opening new office locations means bringing on more staff is essential. We’ve made sure every person affiliated with The Family Lawyer supports our firm’s serious commitment to efficient, holistic legal care.

We now have experienced Family Lawyers in Boronia, Frankston, and Geelong able to advise on all aspects of Family Law matters. You can trust our empathetic team will work with you to achieve a welcome resolution.

Cost-effective legal advice

The approach to legal fees differs between firms and is always best discussed from the outset. To be clear, The Family Lawyer has no interest in compounding your emotional distress with unexpected costs.

We offer a fixed price certainty because we value transparency and your trust. If unsure a lawyer is required, try our Free Case Assessment that does not involve further commitment, but will give an idea of your options.

Passionate in our dedication to exemplary legal care, we hope to speak to you soon regarding present and future Family Law needs. You can contact us online, or feel free to give us a call today on 1300 111 835.

How can we help?

If you need legal advice or support, our experienced and compassionate family lawyers can assist you, whatever stage you may be at. Talk to us today for a FREE 15-minute family law consultation by calling 1300 111 835 or via email at we look forward to helping you achieve a better outcome.