Protecting The Family Will: Defending Against Will Contestations 

Defending Against Will Contestations 

It’s a topic many don’t relish discussing, yet it remains an essential part of safeguarding the wishes of a departed loved one. How do you ensure that the final wishes laid out in a family will are upheld, especially if contested? For those seeking guidance, engaging a family lawyer for will matters is the first step. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into defending a contested family will, ensuring that your loved one’s wishes are honoured. 

Understanding Will Contestations 

Before delving into the defence strategies, it’s paramount to understand what contestations are. Simply put, a will contestation arises when someone believes the will doesn’t reflect the true wishes of the deceased, either due to undue influence, lack of capacity, or various other reasons. 

These situations can be emotionally draining and legally complex. That’s where family will lawyers come into play. Specialising in family law wills and estates, they offer invaluable expertise, navigating the complexities of the law to ensure your family’s wishes are respected. 

  1. Pre-emptive Strategies: The Best Defence is a Good Offence
  2. Be Transparent with Family Members:One primary cause of contestation is surprise. If beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries are aware of the will’s content, it lessens the chances of contention down the track.
  3. Regularly Update the Will:Changes in assets, family dynamics, or personal wishes can be grounds for a later dispute. Regularly reviewing and updating the will to reflect current situations is essential.
  4. Witnessing the Will:Ensure the will is signed and witnessed correctly. This fundamental step can prevent claims of forgery or undue influence later on.
  5. Defence Against Contestations

When a will is contested, it’s crucial to have a game plan. With the support of a trusted family law wills and estates professional, defending the will becomes a manageable task. 

  1. Confirming Validity:A will can be contested if its validity is in doubt. This could be due to reasons such as the deceased not having the mental capacity when the will was written or it not being executed correctly. Your lawyer can provide evidence, through witnesses or medical records, to prove the deceased’s mental capacity and the will’s legitimacy.
  2. Demonstrating No Undue Influence:Claims might arise that someone influenced the deceased to modify the will in their favour. In such cases, evidence such as letters, testimonies, and even surveillance footage can be invaluable in refuting these claims.
  3. Abiding By Family Provision Laws:In Australia, certain family members or dependants might claim they haven’t received an adequate provision from the will. In such cases, it’s crucial to show that the deceased made sufficient provisions considering their means and the claimant’s circumstances.
  4. Engage A Specialised Lawyer

If you’re faced with the challenging scenario of a contested will, searching for a lawyer for will near me can offer local expertise tailored to your jurisdiction’s unique nuances. They can provide essential guidance, from understanding your rights to devising the most effective strategy to defend the will. 


Defending a contested family will doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. By employing both pre-emptive measures and robust defence strategies, it’s entirely possible to uphold the wishes of a loved one. It’s always recommended to work closely with family will lawyers who specialise in family law wills and estates. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that you’re not only legally equipped but also emotionally supported through the journey. 

Remember, it’s not just about the legalities; it’s about honouring and respecting the last wishes of a family member. With the right support and guidance, you can ensure that their voice, even in their absence, is heard and respected. 


Kristdel Bolog

Kristdel Bolog

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