Separation and Key Things To Consider

What is Separation?

Separation is the end of the relationship with your spouse or de facto partner. This can be a stressful and hard time for the parties to the relationship and the family unit.

top things to consider upon separation

When you separate, you will need to make some decisions about things such as parenting arrangements, and your assets, liabilities, and property. You may consider:

  • Where each person will live;
  • If there are children, who will the children live with and care for them;
  • Who will pay the bills for the property;
  • How will you deal with the mortgage or rent payments; and
  • How will you both access money, and what will happen to any joint accounts and other bills?

It is important to remember that you may not be able to agree on everything at this time, but a temporary arrangement can be reached, and come to a final agreement later about financial and parenting matters.

If you need to speak with someone to receive advice about coming to an agreement, contact us today for a free case assessment from our experienced family lawyers.

It is also important to remember that separation can be a very stressful and difficult time for you both and your children. If you need support, there are many support and counselling services available to assist you.

What happens if you can’t agree?

It is important to take genuine steps to resolve the dispute regarding property or parenting matters prior to going to court. This may include mediation, Family Dispute Resolution services, and attempting to negotiate between the parties. This can also include negotiations between lawyers and reaching an outcome which is agreed between the parties.

If you are still unable to come to an agreement, and you have complied with all of the pre-action procedures, you may then be eligible to make an application to the court for your family law matter.

Speak to us today to discuss your separation matters and how we can help you in this difficult time.


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